Sermons by Keith Harrington

Sermons by Keith Harrington


What is baptism about,   what are the different views on it?  How should we respond?  Acts 2,  Acts 8:26-38 , Acts 16:16-40

Core Beliefs 7: Future

The final in our series on core beliefs of Christianity is about the future.   And a quick study of history will tell you that trying to predict the future is a very fraught exercise. Ie

Core Beliefs 6: Holy spirit

Belief in the Holy Spirit is core to the faith, and yet has also caused much unnecessary division.  Are there things in our lives that are blocking the Holy Spirit flowing freely?  Hebrews 3:7-19

Core Beliefs 4: The Church

We believe the church is the people of God, is inseparable from Christ and is the context for  mission, ministry, worship and mission.  But our actions suggest we don’t believe in the church. 

how green is god – Part Two

The cultural mandate is often not understood, and been misused to rape our planet.  God’s plan is far wider than just personal salvation, it is for the whole world.